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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pakistan blocks thousands of adult websites

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Pakistan Internet Service Providers have begun the process of blocking websites with adult content and explicit, they said several industry sources.
Earlier this month the PTA, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Pakistan had decided to block access to websites in Pakistan with adult content.
As previously reported, the PTA has plans to block 150,000 websites in the coming weeks, however, the initial list of 1,000 sites has been sent to all ISPs, mobile operators and portals to get the blocked international.
ISPs are given 80-10 days to obtain the warrants. Most ISPs, including PTCL, have blocked these websites, while others are making the necessary preparations for the blockade.
PTA is planning to devise a way to inform general users to adult sites to the authority. Then through the review authority will the addition of such web sites reported / URL black list.
The Internet service providers in the hands of others do not feel comfortable with the chance involved in blocking websites. They say that blocking many websites can result in slow performance for routers and increased latency due to the large number of filters in the network.
PTA decided to ban explicit websites after enormous pressure from the bloggers, hackers and activists. They, along with parents, are certainly happy the decision of the authority.
However, there are users who oppose the ban, some of them think this way PTA will receive the ax to cut any website under the cover of explicit material. However, sources in the headquarters of the PTA we say they will make the process of blocking websites very transparent and visible to all, that no one fears that the abuse of power.


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top 5 Facts about Kisses

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